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Spain Private Tours, private tour in Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza, Mallorca.

Private Tours


Spain Concierge specialises in delivering some of the finest tailor-made tours for it's clients, offering a wide scope of personal guided tours of Spain even for the most discerning traveller. We design with you personal journeys understanding your needs and special preferences. Fundamental elements for an unforgettable trip is fun, cultural events and of course a dive into the rich and diverse culinary world of Spain's delicacies.

Our extensive travel experience across Spain and the vast local knowledge in Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza and Mallorca, guarantees that we will be your chauffeur, tour guide, concierge and cultural heritage tour planner at the same time. Our team of experts will ensure that your safety, pleasure and convenience are always held at the highest level and that all members of our team will be delighted to entertain and make your trip a pleasant experience whilst accompanying you.